The Booby Bounce

Det här var något av det roligaste jag sett på länge.

The Directors Bureau skriver på sin hemsida:

Why should kids have all the fun at parties? With Bouncy Boobs™, now adults can get a piece of the action! 

Booby Bounce™ is a “Jump House” for adults featuring a giant pair of inflatable boobs on an inflatable trampoline. From the outside, Bouncy Boobs™ looks like any party tent, but when your guests go inside, they’ll get the giggle of a lifetime! 

The perfect addition to a bachelor party, graduation party, or 21st birthday, Bouncy Boobs™ is good clean fun with a wicked twist that’s guaranteed to make anyone jump for joy!

The Booby Bounce from TDBSpecialProjects on Vimeo.


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